The city‐state of Balic sits at the eastern tip of the Balican Peninsula, the piece of land which splits the Estuary of the Forked Tongue into its northern and southern branches. Balic is currently ruled by the Dictator Andropinis.
Skills: Perform (any).
Free Feat: Performance Artist.

Barrier Wastes

The Barrier Wastes is the desolate area that cuts across a massive portion of the Jagged Cliffs region, and it is home to the Bandit States, a collection of violent humanoid raiding tribes.
Skills: Intimidate, Survival.
Feats: Intimidating Presence*, Wastelander*.


Draj is a warrior city‐state mostly human but intermingled with the other common races, situated on a vast mud flat east of Raam.
Skills: Intimidate, Knowledge (nature).
Feats: Astrologer*, Mekillothead*.

Forest Ridge

The Forest Ridge stretches all along the western side of the Ringing Mountains, hugging the spine of the range from north to south. This is where most halflings come from.
Skills: Knowledge (nature), Survival.
Feats: Cannibalism Ritual*, Jungle Fighter*, Nature’s Child*.


The predominantly human city‐state of Gulg sits inside the southern portion of the Crescent Forest, almost directly east of Tyr.
Skills: Knowledge (nature), Survival.
Feats: Jungle Fighter*, Nature’s Child*.

Jagged Cliffs

One of the mist isolated places in Athas, the Jagged Cliffs are home to the rhul‐thaun, descendants of the rhulisti, and the distant relatives of the modern halflings, and keepers of the life‐shaping arts.
Skills: Climb, Craft (life‐shaped), Knowledge (lifeshaping).
Feats: Cliff Combat, Vertical Orientation.


The city‐state of Nibenay is located east of Tyr at the northern tip of the Crescent Forest and it is famous for its artisans and musicians.
Skills: Craft (any), Knowledge (nature), Perform (any).
Feats: Artisan*, Astrologer*, Performance Artist*.


The city‐state of Raam is located east of Urik and is one of the largest and most chaotic cities in the Tablelands. It also has one of the most mixed populations.
Skills: Craft (any), Intimidate.
Feats: Artisan, Mansadbar*, Tarandan Method*.

Sea of Silt

An endless plain of pearly powder, The Silt Sea is home to powerful, aggressive, and primitive giants. Most humanoids use it as a way of transportation using specially crafted vehicles.
Skills: Knowledge (nature), Survival.
Feats: Giant Killer*.


Located in a fertile valley in the foothills of the Ringing Mountains, Tyr was the first city‐state to successfully revolt against its sorcerer‐king and to unban preserving magic.
Skills: Craft (any), Diplomacy.
Feats: Companion*, Freedom*, Metalsmith*.


Located northeast of Tyr, between the Dragon’s Bowl and the Smoking Crown Mountains, the city‐state of Urik is to fighters what Draj is to barbarians and cerulean wizards.
Skills: Concentration, Craft (any), Knowledge (warcraft)*.
Feats: Artisan, Disciplined.


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